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Bumper start for Rogers and Norton property group

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Rogers & Norton property team have had a fantastic start to 2016, building on the success we have achieved in previous years.  The large, skilled, team of conveyancers has created many strong relationships with estate agents in Norwich based on a helpful, supportive approach to the clients we deal with.  We are at present acting on cases as diverse as the sale of large properties valued in excess of £1.5 million to the purchase of thirty six new build flats in a single development. 

Choosing a solicitor to carry out your conveyancing can be something of a minefield.  We recognise that the person who you instruct will be at the heart of what is one of the most important financial and personal investments you are likely to make. It cannot be underestimated how important it is that you choose the right person and firm for the job.

There can be a number of factors involved when making a decision about who to instruct, reputation, recommendation, legal accreditation, and of course the other important factor – cost.   You also need to think about where the solicitor is based.   In recent years there has been an increase in the number of ‘conveyancing houses’ operating on a national level, offering cut price service supported by promises of ‘no sale, no fee’ and ‘completion within six weeks or your money back’.

Whilst these promises may seem attractive to the cost conscious, there is much to be said for choosing a local firm rather than a large national company.

Why is this?  Well one reason is clear, the personal touch.  We are available to meet face to face – this can provide an extra level of reassurance and helps to establish trust.  After all, we are going to be guiding you through your biggest ever investment, so it’s natural to want to meet us in person.  Being nearby provides the ability to come into our office, discuss the transaction and ask any questions you may have.  In addition, Rogers & Norton are available to make home or hospital visits, should the need arise.

Having a solicitor on your doorstep also helps with the progress of your transaction.  It enables you to call into our office to carry out the necessary identity checks, pop in to collect and drop off papers should the matter become time critical and of course come in to pick up your deeds once your transaction has completed and your new home is all yours.  

Rogers & Norton can also boast excellent knowledge of local properties; local authorities; managing agents; necessary searches relevant to the area; new housing developments and even future planning matters.  A good example of this is the nuances affecting the Queens Hills development in Costessey.  We at Rogers & Norton frequently encounter non-local conveyancers who have no knowledge of the issues surrounding the lack of road adoption affecting this development and we know exactly how to proceed to obtain the best title for new buyers.  It really can assist a transactions progress to have a conveyancer who knows their way around the area where you are purchasing, and provides that added peace of mind for clients that they are in safe hands,

A further reason for choosing Rogers & Norton is our wide variety and depth of local contacts. Estate agents; other solicitors; mortgage brokers; insurance providers – we have contacts and friends in all the professions you are likely to encounter during your sale or purchase and we can use these connections to full effect.  Rogers & Norton are highly regarded amongst our peers and have an excellent reputation.  What could sometimes involve lengthy correspondence, emails and enquiries can more often than not be sorted out with a phone call to another local firm or agent who we regularly deal with.  The volume of recommendations we receive from local estate agents illustrates that they can rely on us to keep them informed and progress matters effectively.  Equally, we as conveyancers know we can pick up the phone and call in a favour when something needs to be dealt with quickly, again, only benefitting our clients.

Our extremely busy start to the year reflects the fact that many people in Norwich and throughout the UK value our skills and expertise to deal with what is probably one of the most important transactions of their lives.  It’s always worth using us over a large, cheap conveyancing house when choosing a conveyancer.  If you are looking to sell or buy a property in the future we would be very happy to speak to you about your needs, just pop in, we’ll have the coffee ready!