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Challenging Times for Doctors

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A very topical subject at the moment is the strike by Junior Doctors, who are being put under increasing pressure to work longer hours, with reported budgetary cuts and pressure salaries that the Government is proposing that they will receive in the future.

Richard Etheridge is a specialist acting for Doctors and GP Practices, and has close links with many local surgeries, doctors and Practice Managers. Richard comments “I act for a number of GP Practices all of which seem to be in the same boat, with increased pressure of work to meet government, patients’ and new partners’ expectations.

It is clear from my dealings with my Doctor clients that the very well intentioned government proposals are putting General Practices under huge strains.  This is reflected in the number of early retirements of extremely competent and experienced General Practitioners.  Practice Managers struggle to cope with the additional administrative burden imposed on the practices.”

Richard adds “General Practices are also struggling to recruit new doctors to join practices who are willing to take on partner responsibilities and genuine issues in dealing with NHS England, which is under financial pressure itself.

It is clear that as a result of the aging population, consumer expectation and indeed the well intentioned plans of the government to provide even better customer service 24/7 that doctors are under more pressure than ever.”

Richard and his team at Rogers & Norton have acted for a number of local practices for many years and this experience helps us to support and advise on a wide range of issues.

We offer specialist advice on partnership agreements, premises issues (both freehold and leasehold), retirements and advice to the practice on any number of commercial matters, In addition, we act on disputes between doctors, expulsions, issues with insurers. We have also acted on disputes with lenders (Banks for example), employment issues and issues with Regulatory Bodies.

As Richard concludes, “We are specialists in this sector. We are up to date with what is going on and the pressures the medical profession is facing. We are able to advise and act for Doctors, General Practice Surgeries on all issues, especially having acted for for GP Practices for many years”. 

Contact Richard Etheridge on 01603 675634 or email