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 Industrial Disease

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Industrial Disease

Industrial Disease is a condition which is caused by or contributed to by the conditions of your employment. There are many types of industrial disease but probably the most obvious and high profile ones include asbestos related diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Other types of industrial disease can include:-

  • Injuries caused by repetitive use of the arms
  • Injuries caused by repetitive movements without breaks
  • Industrial deafness and tinnitus
  • Skin diseases
  • Vibration white finger


The Health and Safety Executive continue to monitor the wellbeing of workers in the workplace. In particular, in the case of asbestosis related conditions it is acknowledged that there are many workers who were exposed to asbestos 10, 20 or 30 years ago who are only now aware that they have suffered a personal injury as a result of an exposure to asbestos.

Rogers & Norton are able to advise in relation to all industrial disease claims and will advise you fully upon your rights to pursue the case even though your disease may have been suffered many years ago but you have only just become medically aware of the condition and the possibility of bringing a claim. This is particularly so in the case of industrial disease personal injury claims involving exposure to asbestos and loud noises in the workplace.

As a result of industrial disease cases often arising from exposure to substances or a history of unsafe working practices over many years the claims will often involve a significant investigation of your working history and at Rogers & Norton we will fully investigate these together with ascertaining whether there are insurers in place to compensate you for the personal injury suffered as a result of the industrial disease.

Rogers & Norton will ensure that your industrial disease claim is fully investigated from the initial history of your occupation through to the noting of the symptoms and, where appropriate, the pursuing of the personal injury case through the Courts.

Unlike many personal injury cases, in the case of an industrial disease it is not sufficient to simply show that the injuries arose as a result of the employers negligence or breach of statutory duty. It is also necessary to demonstrate that personal injury has arisen as a consequence of the work or exposure that is being alleged.

Rogers & Norton have many years experience of handling industrial disease cases and will ensure that these are handled with the expertise that your case requires. Rogers & Norton will ensure that the case is advanced in line with the disease protocol which exists between solicitors and insurers as regard to the bringing of personal injury claims arising from industrial disease.

It is very important that were you become aware of an industrial disease which may give rise to a claim such as asbestos exposure, respiratory problems, skin diseases, hearing loss or tinnitus and vibration white finger that you seek early advice from an expert lawyer such as Rogers & Norton.

I was dealt with in a very caring and understanding manner, and the advice I received at all stages was second to none."
Mr S.