Rogers & Norton News

More Success for HMRC Team

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rogers and Norton’s HMRC and Border Revenue team have enjoyed more success.

The team have successfully secured the restoration of a consignment of whisky seized at Heathrow Airport based on exceptional circumstances.   Our client was based in China and our client’s director expressed his delight by emailing Peter Hastings  and commenting “Peter, you are a legend”.

In a separate case, the Team appealed an Assessment of Excise duty, issued on the grounds of alleged smuggling. Having obtained the Hardship Certificate, an Appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal proceeded and HMRC has withdrawn its assessment of £47,000.

We continue to receive instructions from clients throughout the UK and the World, ranging from issues of the correct coding for import duty, detentions and seizures, condemnation proceedings and Appeals to the First Tier Tax Tribunal.   In recent months, we have also acted in a Judicial Review and injunction proceedings against HMRC and appeared in the Court of Appeal.