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Rise in problems caused by DIY executors

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The High Court has released startling figures showing that there has been triple the number of claims issued for the mishandling of estates in a year! These claims show that there have been a number of problems including thefts from estates and distributing estates fraudulently to favour certain beneficiaries. This rise in claims has been attributed to friends and family being appointed as executors and then having taken advantage of their position. There has also been a rise in the amount of Wills wrongly interpreted; some deliberately for personal gain and some from the lack of knowledge of the legal wording used.   

This issue highlights the importance of choosing your executors very carefully. They should be people that you can trust to administer your estate efficiently and in accordance with your wishes. A clear way around many of these problems can be to choose a professional executor such as a solicitor who can act independently or work alongside your family or friends giving you certainty that they will have the legal knowledge to follow your Will appropriately. 

Rogers and Norton can assist with reviewing your Will and advise who would be most suitable to appoint as your executor.  If you have been appointed as an executor we can also help you with the estate administration.  To discuss matters further please contact Louisa Shailes on 01603 675655 /