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Rogers and Norton joins “Certainty the National Will Register”

Friday, May 1, 2015

Rogers and Norton’s Wills and Probate Team are delighted to announce that the company is now a member of “Certainty”, a National Will Register.

Louisa Shailes, Joint Head of the Wills and Probate Team, comments “Although Rogers & Norton keep a detailed register of all Wills held by us, changing circumstances, moving to another area or simply the passage of time, can make it difficult for beneficiaries to locate a Will.  We can now perform a search which will reveal its existence and the location of the solicitors holding it.  However, the contents of the Will remains confidential. By becoming members, Rogers & Norton can assist its clients to ensure that their Wills are not overlooked following death”.

For any advice on searching for a Will or the administration of an estate please contact the Wills and Probate Team on 01603 675655.