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Rogers and Norton becomes Limited Company

Friday, November 1, 2013

Rogers & Norton Solicitors have taken the decision to become a limited company with effect from 1st November 2013.  Having traded successfully for the past 31 years as a traditional partnership, the Firm has decided to incorporate as a limited company at the same time becoming an alternative business structure, making the Firm only one of around 200 alternative business structures in the Legal Sector throughout England and Wales.

The Company’s Managing Director, Richard Etheridge, explained why the Firm had chosen to make the decision to change their legal status:

“We have been considering for some time what is the best structure for us to move forward in what is an increasingly competitive environment.  We are mindful of the fact that the vast majority of our business clients are in fact limited companies and have clearly made that decision for a reason.

We believe that  being a limited company would not only give us a better structure to take the firm forward in future years but would enable us to better relate to our business clients”.

Mr Etheridge added that the creation of an alternative business structure was a by product of the decision to incorporate:

“We offered Steve Clarke a partnership in April 2012, as it was clear that  Steve is one of the most highly regarded conveyancers in this region.  His promotion to the Partnership made Steve our first ever non-solicitor Partner.  The requirements of the Solicitors Regulatory Authority meant that we also had to register as an alternative business structure at the same time as getting their approval to trade as a limited company.”

The Company, which is called Rogers & Norton Limited, will continue to trade as Rogers & Norton.  All of the personnel remain the same, having transferred to the limited company, and the former Partners become Directors of the company.

Graham Knights
Practice Manager

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