New Build Conveyancing Solicitors

A first-class new build conveyancing service dedicated to you and a smooth and stress free transaction.

Our experienced and knowledgeable new build conveyancing team have a thorough understanding of the process involved in buying a new home. We work closely with developers and clients to meet the strict deadlines set by developers. We will also offer help and advice with the Help to Buy Scheme if you require it.

We will liaise closely with site offices, financial advisors and solicitors to ensure that your case is progressed and dealt with as quickly as possible. We believe that communication between all parties is key to a smooth move.

We provide the expert guidance you need to help you better understand an area of law that can initially seem complicated.

As part of our conveyancing work with your new build home, we will:

  • Check the title for the property you are buying
  • Check the property to make sure everything is as it should be
  • Discuss with the developer regarding planning permissions and the construction of other items on the development, including drains and sewers
  • Talk to you about the ‘new build guarantee’ and explain how this will protect your interests
  • Liaise with you regarding the terms of the contract for the property you are purchasing

A new build property can often be a dream come true for homebuyers. Should mistakes occur or complications arise however, it can become a nightmare. When it comes to understanding the complexities surrounding new-build conveyancing, skilled and knowledgeable help and guidance is needed.

If one thing is certain regarding new build properties it’s that time is of the essence. Often, contracts will be exchanged before the development of the property is complete. With the amount of paperwork involved and deadlines to meet from the developers, having an expert new build property solicitor can ensure no boxes are left unticked.

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