Injuries Abroad

More people every year go abroad and unfortunately a percentage of these people suffer personal injury whilst abroad.

Where the injury is suffered whilst on a package holiday organised by a tour operator the operator is under a statutory duty to ensure that their customers are safe and are not exposed to bad hygiene, risk of injury, disease or infection.

Unfortunately tourists suffer these injuries whilst abroad and as a result can pursue a claim in compensation often against the tour operator through the Courts of England and Wales.

Rogers & Norton are experienced in advising the victims of injury whilst abroad on their rights to pursue a personal injury claim and can advise upon the rights notwithstanding whether the personal injury occurs in Europe, America, Australia or beyond.

Rogers & Norton will always fully investigate the personal injury claim and advise upon the options the individual has for pursuing a claim, ideally in the jurisdiction of England & Wales, against the tour operator or, where appropriate, against the negligent party in the foreign jurisdiction.

Examples of holiday claims can include:-

  • Injuries arising from the facilities at the Hotel
  • Injuries sustained on an excursion
  • Injuries suffered in road traffic accidents whilst abroad
  • Claims arising from poor standard of hygiene such as food poisoning or water pollution
  • Injuries sustained as a result of defects in the structure of a Hotel, such as slippery floors and risks of slips and trips.

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