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A recent survey showed that two-thirds of adults do not have a Will. In the event that you die without a Will the Intestacy Rules apply and these rules therefore determine who will inherit and how much each of your family members will inherit. If you wish to determine how your estate will be dealt with, who it will be dealt with by and how your family are provided for you need to make a Will.

A Will names people (called Executors) to carry out your wishes and says who you want to benefit on your death. It can appoint Guardians for your children, give gifts to your friends and charities as well as showing your funeral wishes.

If appropriate, trusts can be incorporated into the Will which only come into effect on your death – there are many different types of trusts and can relate to property, the whole of your estate or a specific proportion, also known as a nil-rate band discretionary trusts. Each of these options require careful consideration and have different effects upon the distribution and taxation of your estate as well as the benefits to your intended beneficiaries.

The Civil Partnership Rules allow same sex couples in a registered partnership the same rights as husbands and wives. If you are living with someone, that person will not automatically receive anything from your estate, even if you have been together for many years and have children. Also, if you are separated, but not divorced, your spouse may receive a large part of your estate, unless you say otherwise. As your circumstances change, you need to check your Will and make sure it is still suitable and valid – marriage automatically revokes a Will but divorce does not.

Many people worry about making a Will but it is one of the most important things you can do. It need not be expensive and you do not have to see a solicitor to write a Will, but without the help of a qualified person mistakes can be made which could cause problems later. Your bank and Will Writers may also offer you advice. The costs may vary, but like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

At Rogers & Norton our focus is on delivering a sympathetic, cost effective and tailored solution to your individual needs, whatever your circumstances. Our specialised team has over seventy years collective experience in successfully advising clients in the Norfolk area and far beyond. Three of our team are members of the national organisation Solicitors for the Elderly as well as the Law Society’s Private Client Section, emphasising their knowledge and experience.

Will Planner

Click here to view/download the Rogers & Norton Will planner

When you have completed the questionnaire please return it by email to wills@rogers-norton.co.uk or click on the submit button contained within the form.

Completing the online planner provides us with the basic information needed to prepare your Will and also saves time at any meeting we have, when any outstanding issues or questions can be discussed.

When your completed Will planner is received we will provide you with details of the fees involved within twenty-four hours and discuss the next steps in the process.

The online planner may not be appropriate for everyone; if you wish to discuss your Will in person then please contact our team on 01603 666001 or email wills@rogers-norton.co.uk.

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