Transparency of Costs

Quotes and estimates for work to be carried out

We will always try to give an accurate estimate where possible, it will clearly state what the likely cost of our work will be in our letter of engagement. The figure will be based on the information you have supplied us, together with our assessment of the work involved to complete the transaction.

As the work progresses we will review and update our estimate and advise you accordingly and in a timely manner if anything alters. Any additional work that is added to the original instruction will affect the quote or estimate originally supplied.

The quote or estimate that we supply will include VAT, together with any linked costs that we are charged by a third party to complete the transaction. This can include stamp duty; court fees; barristers’ fees; search and registration fees for example.

The hourly rates we charge are reviewed annually.

When we give you a quote or estimate it will contain the relevant hourly rate of the lawyer(s) dealing with your transaction.

We provide below estimates as to the fees we charge for certain types of work as a guide to what our fees may be.

Debt recovery up to £100,000

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable debt recovery team understand the need to respond quickly and to take prompt action to secure payment of outstanding debts and offer a fast turn-around of papers, helping clients secure payment of monies owing to them.

Letter Before Action – Free of charge

Issuing of proceedings to include Claim Form and Particulars of Claim – 1–2 hours work at £160.00 + VAT per hour

Obtaining of Judgment – 1 hours work at £160.00 +VAT per hour

Enforcement of Judgment by way of Charging Order, Attachment of Earnings Order or other enforcement methods – 2 – 3 hours work at £160.00 + VAT per hour

For more information on Debt Recovery click here to see our team page.

Estate Administration & Probate

The death of a loved one is a difficult time and here at Rogers & Norton we can assist with all aspects of the administration of estates, from advice following the death to finalising the estate and ensuring all beneficiaries receive their inheritance.

Our team are experts in advising upon estate administration, whether solvent or insolvent, straightforward or complex. Of course, each and every estate is different and we will endeavour to give each our own personal empathetic touch to suit your specific circumstances.

The amount of work we do on estate can be determined by those instructing and can vary from an appointment to get initial advice to assistance in getting a Grant of Administration to the full estate administration depending on your needs.

We offer an initial 30 minutes interview at £150 inclusive of VAT which will be included in the fees below should you instruct us to deal with the probate.

Probate fee example

Collection and distribution of money, property and other assets belonging to a person following their death, where these are within the UK and the matters are not contested:

If dealing with the estate in its entirety, our fees current are £200 + VAT per hour plus disbursements. We charge a value element which is 0.5% of the value of any property (including land) and 1% of the value of the remainder.

Disbursements are costs payable to another organisation which are incurred by us as your agent. The following disbursements are likely to be incurred at the current cost:

  • Certainty Will Search – £95.00 + VAT
  • Probate Registry fee on Application – £155.00 plus £1.50 per copy
  • Estatesearch Investigation of assets and liabilities – £185 plus VAT
  • Trustee Act Notices – London Gazette and Local Press – £180.00-£300.00
  • Bankruptcy Search fees – £2.90 per legatee/beneficiary
  • Fees for settling oaths/documents in complex cases – variable

Assuming information is not delayed in being sent to us, a simple probate of 3-4 assets would take 10-12 hours at £200 + VAT per hour (£2,400 – £2,880 including VAT) plus the Value element referred to above. Any conveyancing fees for the sale of any property will be charged for separately (please see fees for conveyancing below). For more information and contact details click here to see our team page.

Employment Tribunal

We provide a dedicated, specialist and dynamic employment law service predominantly focused on supporting businesses. Our team tailor the support and advice they offer on the specific needs and requirements of the individual client. Over the years we have developed strong, trusting, personal relationships with the businesses we work with and fully appreciate the commercial reality of what they do.

At Rogers & Norton we understand that employment law can be a headache for a business, which is why we aim to help in any way we can. We want to help you understand the law and to keep you aware of the continuing changes to it, minimising the risk and disruption to your business.

Fees are calculated by reference to an hourly rate of £235 + VAT.

When acting for Employers an example straightforward Employment Tribunal case for unfair or wrongful dismissal would take approximately 25-35 hours work which would equate to £7,050 – £9,870 including VAT. Typical Counsel’s fees for the hearing would be in the region of £2,000 + VAT.

An initial estimate will be given at the outset as to fees and disbursements but this may vary depending on a number of factors such as the number of issues raised, complexity of the issues, number of witnesses required and amount of documentation to be disclosed.

All estimates are reviewed and the client advised in a timely manner if the estimate needs to be revised. For more information and to see our Employment Team click here.

Residential Conveyancing

We have a highly regarded, professional Team to help you through what can be one of the most important journeys in life. With three Directors and a large team of experienced Conveyancers, we can offer a dedicated service to you. Click on this link to see the team or request a quote.

We use an online quoting system to ensure consistent pricing with set fee scales. This system is also constantly updated with the current Government Taxes and Land Registry costs.

All of our Conveyancing Team are trained to use this quoting software.

Purchase or Sale PriceFreehold
£ 0 – 350,000£850.00 + VAT
£ 350,001 – 400,000£900.00 + VAT
£ 400,001 – 500,000£950.00 + VAT
£ 500,001 +From £1050.00 + VAT
Remortgage£400.00 + VAT
Right to Buy£550.00 + VAT
Leasehold+ £150.00 + VAT
Transfer of EquityFrom £350.00 + VAT
Help to Buy+ £150.00 + VAT
Help to Buy ISA+ £50.00 + VAT


Local Searches:£ 300.00 (approx)
Land Registry Search:£ 3.00
Bankruptcy (per name):£ 2.00
Telegraphic Transfer:£ 38.40 (inclusive of vat)


Land Registry ScaleRegisteredUnregistered Land
£ 0-80,000£ 20.00£40.00
£ 80,001 – 100,000£40.00£ 80.00
£ 100,001 – 200,000£ 95.00£ 190.00
£ 200,001 – 500,000£ 135.00£ 270.00
£ 500,001 – 1,000,000£ 270.00£ 540.00

If a mortgage is required there may also be a Lenders Administration Portal Charge of £10.00 + VAT (depending on the Lender)

In addition to the above disbursements, Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is payable on a transaction at the appropriate rate in force at the time of completion. This depends on the purchase price of your property. You can calculate the amount to be paid using the information below or by using the Stamp Duty Calculator by clicking here.

BandSingle PropertyAdditional Property1st Time Buyer
£0-£125k0%3%£0 – £300k0%
£1.5m +12%15%


Licensing Costs Estimates

We have a wealth of experience relevant to the leisure and licensing sector, and have acted for many hotels and restaurants, locally and nationally. The firm also has longstanding relationships with breweries and golf clubs.

We are able to offer fixed fees for dealing with most applications or can advise clients who wish to make applications themselves.

All times are approximate depending upon the circumstances of the matter.

All costs are subject to VAT.

Fees payable to the licensing authority will be payable in addition and are not included in the figures below:-

Personal Licence Application – up to 1 hour at £250 + VAT per hour
Premises Licence Application without hearing – 3-4 hours at £250 + VAT per hour
Premises Licence Application with hearing – 5- 10 hours at £250 + VAT per hour
Application to vary premises licence without hearing – 2-3 hours at £250 + VAT per hour
Application to vary premises licence with hearing 4-8 hours at £250 + VAT per hour
Minor variation of premises licence – 1-2 hours at £250 + VAT per hour
Transfer of Premises Licence – up to 1 hour at £250 + VAT per hour
Application to vary to specify new DPS – up to 1 hour at £250 + VAT per hour
Interim Authority application – 2-4 hours at £250 + VAT per hour

For more information on Licencing and to see the team click here.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes and Litigation

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we have the knowledge and experience to support you if you are involved in a legal dispute.

Here at Rogers & Norton, our specialist Landlord & Tenant Disputes and Litigation team are able to advise you on all issues and matters relating to disputes between landlords and tenants.

A basic landlord and tenant repossession case based on rent arrears, on an hourly rate of £200 + VAT:

Reviewing documents, lease etc and providing initial advice: £400 + VAT
Drafting a notice for tenant to vacate and serving the notice on the tenant: £250 + VAT
Preparing claim form, particulars of claim and rent schedule: £300 + VAT
Court fee: £355
Preparing witness statement for court hearing: £400 + VAT
Preparing for and attending court hearing: £400 + VAT

These costs do not include correspondence with client and third parties, such as the court or the tenant, which will be charged on the basis of the standard hourly rate.

For more information and to see our team page click here.