Can I afford a Lawyer…? Can I afford not to?

11th Apr 2016

The misconception that lawyers charge a great deal of money and earn even more has encouraged many people to represent themselves in proceedings before the Court. This applies to many applications currently before the Court in respect of separating parents and their children.

Declaration of Trust

A recent report from Citizens Advice on those people who represent themselves, highlighted that for most this has been a negative experience of stress, responsibility and solitude. There were even reports of people losing their jobs due to the stress and pressure they were under. Many people choose to represent themselves due to mistrust of lawyers and a lack of information available to judge the cost and quality of service available. Many times it is only after the event that those who represent themselves understand the true value of having a solicitor represent them.

A considerable amount of work goes into preparing your case appropriately for Court. It is in the preparation that cases can be won or lost. The costs of instructing a solicitor will in reality be clearly spelt out to you in your initial meeting with a solicitor and can be budgeted according to your income. Your representation can also be budgeted to what you can afford and your solicitor will emphasise what areas you can best spend your money on. Solicitors are heavily regulated and monitored by professional bodies on their competence and on their charges. Many sit professional examinations following their qualification in order to prove their on going competence or expertise. When choosing a family solicitor look for one who has a Resolution professional standard mark. Many are accredited specialists which means they have submitted themselves to rigorous exams and presented case work to prove they are committed to conducting litigation in the best interests of the people involved and to a very high standard.

If you need help with your family matters then please contact our team at Rogers and Norton. Both Kerry Rowell (Solicitor) and Averil Ballam (Solicitor) are members of Resolution and Kerry is an Accredited Specialist. For a small fee of £60 inc. VAT you can meet with them for up to an hour to discuss your case and gain important information on how to manage it as well as advice on what legal services you can afford.