Administration of Estates

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Administration of Estates

We can assist with all aspects of the administration of estates, from advice following the death to finalising the estate and ensuring all beneficiaries receive their inheritance.

The death of a loved one is a difficult time and here at Rogers & Norton we can assist with all aspects of the administration of estates, from advice following the death to finalising the estate and ensuring all beneficiaries receive their inheritance.

The first task for the family following the registration of the death will be organising the funeral in accordance with their loved one’s wishes. It is always worth contacting the solicitor who made the Will at this stage as there may be details regarding their funeral wishes either within the Will or mentioned on the file.

At this point it will also be possible for the solicitor to advise if there is a Will who is named as the executors and therefore entitled to deal with the administration of the estate or if there is no Will in place and the Intestacy Rules apply who is able to administer the estate on behalf of the beneficiaries.

Our team are experts in advising upon estate administration, whether solvent or insolvent, straightforward or complex. Of course, each and every estate is different and we will endeavour to give each our own personal empathetic touch to suit your specific circumstances.

The amount of work we do on estate can be determined by those instructing and can vary from an appointment to get initial advice to assistance in getting a Grant of Administration to the full estate administration depending on your needs.

Administration of estates can include the following:

  • Retrieving and explaining the terms of the Will
  • Checking whether a Will has been made elsewhere
  • Investigating the deceased’s assets and liabilities
  • Ascertaining whether any Inheritance Tax is payable
  • Looking into any potential claims against the estate under the Inheritance (Provision for Family Dependents) Act
  • Obtaining a Grant of Representation (see below)
  • Collecting in the estate and paying liabilities
  • Carrying out the terms of the Will or following the intestacy rules
  • Liaising with beneficiaries
  • Setting up any trusts required by law or the Will and, if appropriate, being involved with the ongoing administration
  • Working with accountants and financial advisers
  • Ensuring the tax affairs are settled with H M Revenue and Customs

We do, if the need arises, also advise beneficiaries upon their entitlement to an estate, either by Will or on Intestacy and resolve any issues that arise.

Our charges for this area of work are based upon hourly rates – for more details or to talk through the situation with one of our specialist team please contact a member of our team.


What our clients say

  • A good experience and we have confidence that our affairs were dealt with professionally.

    C. D. / Norwich

    Lie-Critchley Wenke
  • Laura made a very stressful situation much more bearable. She is patient and sensitive to our needs.

    Mrs W. / Norwich

    Rumsey Laura
  • All staff show high level of care and understanding particularly at times of emotional vulnerability such as when dealing with the estates of the deceased, probate etc.

    Mrs W / Watton

    Lie-Critchley Wenke
  • Overt efficiency making the potentially incomprehensible comprehensible.

    The mystique was translated into clarity and the purpose simplified.

    Mr & Mrs H. / Norfolk

    Rumsey Laura
  • Totally professional at all times and always phoned / emailed back if necessary.

    Just to say thank you for everything you have done for me and my family other the past 3 years !

    Miss R / Dereham

    Rumsey Laura
  • Special thanks for your kind and considerate handling of what to me was very complicated and involved documentation which you explained excellently so that even I understood it.
    I will be pleased to recommend you to anyone as a 1st class solicitor.

    Rumsey Laura
  • Professional, warm, friendly and everything she promised she delivered within the set time constraints.

    Mr M / Norfolk

    Rumsey Laura

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