Tax and VAT disputes can be a challenging fight, but our team of solicitors can provide a supportive and skilful defence.

HMRC are responsible for thoroughly investigating tax and VAT irregularities, which are often lengthy and complex. They have a wide range of range of powers, including the ability to raid your premises and appoint Liquidators. Consequently, investigations can cause large disturbances and disruptions to your home, your family, and your business.

Corporates, partnerships, entrepreneurs, and private individuals have never faced tougher tax rules and regulations. Many businesses are often unaware of their tax obligations.

Rogers & Norton has the expertise to effectively manage any tax dispute or investigation. We have extensive knowledge of UK tax regulation and a practical understanding of how HMRC fights and settles tax disputes.

Our knowledge covers both direct and indirect taxes:

Direct Taxes:Indirect Taxes:
· Capital Gains Tax· Aggregates Levy
· Corporation Tax· Alcoholic Liquor Duties
· Income Tax· Betting and Gaming Duties
· Inheritance Tax· Climate Change Levy
· Customs Duties
· Hydrocarbon Oil Duties
· Landfill Tax
· Stamp Duty Reserve
· Tax Tobacco Products Duties
· Value Added Tax (“VAT”)


Investigations of fraud concerning the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, otherwise known as the furlough scheme, are on the rise. Furlough fraud is considered a serious offence and you can receive damaging sentences, such as up to 10 years imprisonment or an unlimited fine.

Our expert Litigation and Corporate Team recognises accusations of furlough fraud can arise from a genuine mistake or human error, but HMRC may still prosecute you if they believe you have acted deliberately. Fortunately, our team’s contemporary knowledge and understanding regarding the law of tax fraud, allows us to effectively secure crucial evidence and witnesses, and if you inform us early enough, we may be able to influence the outcome of the case before it reaches court.

Other Coronavirus Support Schemes include the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme for SME and Large Businesses, the Bounce Back Loan Scheme, and the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme. You should seek independent legal advice at the earliest opportunity if you find yourself suspected of wrongfully claiming any of the Governments Coronavirus Support Schemes.

If a tax investigation is civil, HMRC will notify you of an enquiry but you will not be notified if you are suspected of criminal conduct. For investigations concerning direct taxes, HMRC may first contact you with an offer under Code of Practice 9 (COP9) as part of the Contractual Disclosure Facility. This gives you the opportunity to fully disclose any tax liabilities and HMRC will guarantee there will be no prosecution.

It is vital to have an experienced legal team to help assist with this stressful process whether or not you accept a COP9 offer. You will need to ensure your disclosure is accurate and comprehensive otherwise this may lead to a criminal investigation by HMRC.

For tax avoidance, HMRC may conduct a Code of Practice 8 (COP8) tax investigation. COP8 tax investigations result from HMRC suspecting a deliberate attempt to pay less tax than required or taking advantage of a scheme to reduce tax liability. COP 8 investigations can lead to COP 9 investigations if HMRC find evidence of serious fraud.

Both COP8 and COP9 investigations can be concerningly damaging to a business, draining time and resources. Our experts can assist with:

  • Advice about civil and criminal Tax Investigations including Code of Practice 8 and 9
  • COVID/Furlough Fraud
  • COP 14 – Corporate Tax Evasion
  • VAT and PAYE Investigations