Defamation, Libel & Reputation Management

If you or your business has suffered from defamation or slander, there is a real need for expert legal advice.

Defamatio, Libel & Reputation Management

Defamation, Libel & Reputation Management Specialist Solicitors

Acting quickly and decisively when dealing with any alleged defamation issue is vital. Your reputation can be quickly defended by our experienced and knowledgeable litigation team.

Our experts can also help you to defend a claim if someone has accused you of defamation or slander.

Oral defamation is classified as slander. Words that are published or broadcast are treated as written defamation, more commonly referred to as libel when either type is composed of language that injures the good name or reputation of another person or business.

It is important to maintain freedom of speech, but those rights do not allow people to make unfounded or derogatory remarks that could potentially damage someone’s reputation, or that of their company. Even if you are unnamed, you may still be identifiable to some readers and therefore have a strong case.

We appreciate that the cost of a defamation, libel or slander is not just a financial issue. There is also the time and energy taken in defense, together with lost business opportunities because of the damage caused by the allegations.

Any issue relating to libel or defamation will be hugely emotive and very probably cause the recipient both upset and stress. There is a need to support the client quickly and understand the issues.

We act swiftly and decisively to get the desired outcome and to protect your reputation.

If you or your business is the victim of defamation or slander, we can assist you in the following areas:

  • Libel
  • Slander
  • Malicious falsehood
  • Pre-publication advice
  • Defamation
  • Confidentiality breaches
  • Privacy
  • Harassment
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Data Protection
  • Brand Protection and intellectual property infringement
  • Misleading and comparative advertising
  • Take down requests including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google & review sites

Any of these claims may be made in relation to statements made in:

  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Television and radio broadcasts
  • Emails
  • Social Media (including twitter and facebook)
  • Websites, including internet chatrooms
  • Employee references
  • Advertising material

Social Media

Social media and the ease of online publishing means that reputation management is an increasingly important consideration across all sectors. It is increasingly common for disgruntled customers, employees and competitors to cross the line, making comments or taking action that is inaccurate or unlawful.

How we can help

If you have concerns that you have suffered libel or defamation you can contact our litigation team for expert legal help and support. We are experienced in seeking and securing High Court Injunctions and opposing such claims. We have acted for national and local businesses in addition to individuals.

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What our clients say...

  • Again – deep appreciation of your help!

    V & N / Norfolk

    Peter Hastings
  • Thank you for the time and effort you have put in to this – it was important to me to get some form of acknowledgement of what was due.

    Mr A. Norwich

    Peter Hastings
  • Dear Peter

    I think the congratulations should go to you because without your help and guidance I’m not sure that I would have got this far. I was very happy with the result and it definitely allowed me to enjoy my weekend.

    Once again thanks for all your great help and support in reaching a satisfactory conclusion.

    Mr A.

    Peter Hastings
  • Thank you very much indeed for your efforts on my behalf at the Court yesterday. You did an excellent job and I am very grateful. The court order that you obtained at very short notice is a source of considerable relief to me.

    Mr. C

    Peter Hastings
  • I’m really grateful for the help, support and guidance that Peter gave me throughout the High Court defamation claim, his tenacity and focus meant that I secured a successful outcome quickly and removed the stress and costs that would have been involved.


    Peter Hastings
  • Thank you for all your assistance and advice this year on what proved to my eyes a difficult case. Mrs J and I are so relieved above all to get our lives back and we are looking forward to a happy Christmas.

    Mr J.

    Peter Hastings
  • Excellent result – I recommend you anytime !!


    Peter Hastings
  • If I ever need anyone to fight my corner in the Corporate world, you will be the first to hear about it. Very many thanks for your remarkably swift and positive approach to the whole thing.


    Peter Hastings
  • Just a quick e-mail to say how much we appreciate all the hard work you put in on our behalf over the past 10 months on our complicated case, including your help with the Bank and dealing with our opponent. Your efforts were brilliant. I would have caved in if not for you. We are very pleased with the result.

    If we ever have need for a solicitor, we will definitely use yourself/Rogers and Norton and recommend you.


    Peter Hastings
  • I would also just like to thank you for all your past assistance and expertise in relation to this issue

    Ms. P

    Elizabeth Gibson
  • I trust your judgement and am just sorry we didn’t approach you in the first place.

    L. Norwich

    Elizabeth Gibson
  • You have done an amazing job thank you so much.

    Mrs C. Norwich

    Elizabeth Gibson
  • I was very pleased with the excellent letter and service you provided for me and will not hesitate to come back should I need to.

    Mrs P. / Norfolk

    Elizabeth Gibson

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