Defamation – watch what you say!

23rd Nov 2018

Online defamation cases have been increasing every year and it is mainly due to social media, blogs and review sites.

Whilst it is important to maintain freedom of speech, the rights we have do not allow people to make unfounded or derogatory remarks that could potentially damage someone’s reputation, or that of their company. It is also the case that even if you are unnamed, you may still be identifiable to some readers and therefore have a strong case.

We were recently instructed to act for a Defendant in a highly contentious High Court defamation claim arising from a twitter exchange. The Claimant sought an injunction, together with significant damages and costs.

After we secured both a speedy and successful outcome for our client, we were delighted to receive excellent feedback praising the work we carried out.

“I’m really grateful for the help, support and guidance that Peter gave me throughout the High Court defamation claim, his tenacity and focus meant that I secured a successful outcome quickly and removed the stress and costs that would have been involved”

Any issue relating to libel or defamation will be hugely emotive and very probably cause the recipient both upset and stress – the need to support the client quickly, understand the issues, act swiftly and decisively to get the desired outcome, is of paramount importance.

If you have are concerned that you have suffered libel or defamation you can contact our litigation team for expert legal help and support.