The Ever Given cargo ship arrives in the UK after blocking the Suez Canal in March

5th Aug 2021

The cargo ship was originally due to dock at Felixstowe in early April 2021, but the 400m vessel did not arrive until Tuesday afternoon (3rd August 2021).

HMRC and UK Border Force

The Ship caused havoc after blocking the major shipping lane in Egypt for a week in March. The ship was then detained by the Egyptian authorities for more than three months, whilst a financial dispute, valued at £656m in compensation, was agreed.

On Tuesday evening, the Port at Felixstowe set upon the task of unloading over 2,000 containers from the ship. A large quantity of goods stored within the containers will have to be destroyed, such as fruit and vegetables which have passed their use-by date.

The blockage and delays have caused significant disruption to global shipping. Our specialist HMRC and UK Border Force team at Rogers & Norton deals with the worldwide importation of goods to the UK, including the huge market from Asia. If you have suffered a loss resulting from the blocking of the Suez Canal or any other circumstances, our team can assist with a claim to recover your losses. We can also deal with any Customs’ issues including Coding, Duty and VAT, and any irregularities.

We can also provide quick and decisive support to deal with any detentions and seizure of goods.