Family Ties

31st May 2017

We all know that staying together for the children doesn’t always lead to happy, well-adjusted children – but when separating, it is vitally important that children are made to feel loved and secure about themselves and their family.

The role that grandparents play in helping grandchildren through the separation of parents and surrounding them with love and security, is very important.

During the parent’s bereavement process, grandparents provide them with emotional and practical support and they can also help balance any sense of loss or confusion a grandchild feels.

Grandparents in general, love to fuss and give time to grandchildren. During a separation, parents are more often than not unavailable to their children both emotionally and physically, as they adjust their lives. Parents who isolate a child from their grandparents during this time are likely to cause their child unnecessary harm.

There is a marked difference between a child’s rights to see a grandparent as opposed to a parent. Firstly, a grandparent needs permission from the Court to make an application concerning a grandchild. The court, in deciding whether to grant permission will have regard to:

  • The nature of the proposed application
  • The connection to the child
  • Any risk there might be in the proposed application disrupting the child’s life

Passing this first test then leads on to the Court making orders as to whether and when a grandparent can see a grandchild. It will usually be less often than a parent making any application for contact with their child would expect to receive.

As a parent, before it reaches this stage, be mindful that as children grow older they increasingly seek answers to their biological origins and who makes them what they are.

A loving and unfettered relationship with a grandparent can provide the love and security they need from extended family in circumstances where their immediate family does not feel so secure.

If you have any queries or concerns about your children/grandchildren then please contact Kerry Rowell – Head of Family and Matrimonial at Rogers and Norton on or 01603 666001.