Forfeiture in Commercial Property Seminar

15th May 2019

Property Litigation expert, Elizabeth Gibson is delighted to support the RICS with a talk on Forfeiture in Commercial Property - helping to Understand how commercial leases may be terminated.

Commercial Property and Land Disputes
Landlords may be keen to regain early possession of a valuable property in the event of tenant rent arrears. However, it’s vital for advisors to understand the precise provisions of the lease and the conditions under which forfeiture is possible. Getting it wrong and forfeiting the lease when the right to forfeit has not actually arisen can prove very costly for the landlord.
This seminar will cover:
  • Has the right to forfeit arisen?
  • Under what conditions can relief from forfeiture be granted?
  • Lessons from case law
  • The risks of waiving the right to forfeit
  • Practical considerations around re-entry, tenant belongings
  • Dilapidations
  • Issuing court proceedings