Government increases in Court fees increase costs of divorce

24th Mar 2016

If you have been to see a solicitor in recent months they will have warned you to consider issuing divorce proceedings sooner rather than later due to the expected increase in Court fees. As it stood the Court gave less than 2 full days’ notice that the court fee to issue a petition for divorce would rise yet again from £410 to £550.

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Whilst in recent years the service provided to the public has fallen, with counter closures and call centres, fees have continued to increase in line with the government’s objective to make ‘Her Majesty’s Courts Service’ self-funding. The effect being, that in having to pay exceptionally high fees to issue proceedings, the general public struggle to subsequently afford legal representation and try to cut out the costs altogether. This potentially could have damaging consequences.

Whilst at Rogers and Norton we offer fixed fees for divorces, to give our clients peace of mind at the outset, the public can still be off put by the prospect of further expense. However, proceeding with representation may actually save you money, since not everyone has to pay court fees and in divorce cases orders for costs can be made against the recipient of the petition. The emotional cost of divorce is incalculable and the stress caused by self-representation can be immeasurable.