GP Registrar Training Day

8th Mar 2017

Richard Etheridge and Peter Hastings are delighted to have been asked once again to join with Accountants Lovewell Blake, in conducting a seminar with a group of GP Registrars at one of their training days, on Wednesday 15th March, at the Bob Champion Research & Education Building, NNUH.

GP practices continue to find it a real challenge to recruit new partners, so a day having access to experts who can talk about the financial and legal intricacies that they will shortly face, will be hugely beneficial to the new GP’s.

Richard is going to talk about the partnership issues involved when they first join a practice – there are types of Partners and Partnership types to unravel and understand and the clauses contained in the agreements need to be carefully examined.

Peter will then discuss what could happen in the future should disagreements occur within the partnership, NHS and suppliers.

Rogers & Norton have an excellent reputation in relation to dealing with medical practices. Should you need any advice or support you can contact:

Richard Etheridge on 01603 675634 or email

or alternatively Peter Hastings on 01603 675639 or email