Helping an industry see the wood for the trees

4th Apr 2017

Rogers & Norton are delighted to be helping support the Music Industry Association and their members, with the issues surrounding the importation of musical instruments containing rosewood and ivory. They are carrying our details on their website advising that we are a specialist legal firm available to help the industry involving any of the following types of issues:

  • Detentions and Seizure of Goods by the UK Border Force including goods stored in warehouses, detained/seized at Ports and Airports.
  • Restoration Claims
  • Condemnation Proceedings
  • Injunctions (including urgent injunctions)
  • Judicial reviews (including claims for the urgent release of goods and damages for unlawful detentions, and injunctions)

Peter commented “We are receiving instructions regarding the increased restrictions being applied to the importation of goods containing rosewood and ivory after a ruling by the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Wild Fauna & Flora (CITES). This has caused considerable disruption in the industry causing many companies to have valuable amounts of stock seized by Border Force due to licensing issues.

The MIA were grateful with the offer of help, as many of their members were struggling to find a way forward and risked losing large sums of money. With the teams skill and expertise, together our ability to react rapidly to changing scenarios, we are able to offer the support required.

If you have any issues of a similar nature you can contact Peter and his team at or on 01603 675639


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