Increase in Court fees

22nd Sep 2021

In March 2021 the Government launched a consultation with reference to increasing Court and Tribunal fees, the rationale for this being that there had been no increase in fees in line with inflation since 2016.

The consultation closed on 17 May 2021 and the results of the consultation have now been published. There were some 89 responses to the consultation of which Rogers & Norton Solicitors was one of the respondents. Most of the responses came from those working in legal or public sector, approximately 25% worked as solicitors and a sixth of the respondents were within the local authority sector.

Of the 89 responses 61% disagreed with the increase in fees saying that now was not the right time to increase fees due to the continuing impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even of those that agreed to an increase in fees, some 39% suggested that now was not the right time to implement the increased fees due to the continuing pandemic which therefore limited access to justice.

Regardless of the responses and the majority not wishing to see an increase at this stage, the Government is proceeding with the inflationary increase and it is therefore proposed that the fees increase from 30 September 2021 although the statutory instrument is still to be laid before and approved by Parliament.

The proposals for the increase in fees is likely to result in an increase in fees in all sectors to include Court of Protection, Magistrates Court, Family Proceedings and Civil Proceedings. An example of some of the fee increases is as follows:-

Civil Proceedings

Issue fee for any other remedy other than money claim will increase from £308.00 to £332.00, an increase of £24.00.

General Application on Notice will increase from £255.00 to £275.00 an increase of £25.00.

Sealing a Writ of Control/Possession (High Court) will increase from £66.00 to £71.00 an increase of £5.00.

Issue of a Warrant of Possession will increase from £121.00 to £130.00 an increase of £9.00.

Applications for Charging Orders tor Attachment of Earnings Orders will increase from £110.00 to £119.00 an increase of £9.00.

Those detailed above are just a number of the proposed increases. For further information on the fee increases, please do not hesitate to contact us. Equally we can advice on taking steps now to issue proceedings and applications prior to the increase in fees which is likely to take effect from 30 September 2021.

Our team are experts in dealing with matters involving issuing of proceedings for the recovery of debts, the obtaining of Judgment and then subsequent enforcement proceedings and applications by way of charging orders, attachments of earnings and any subsequent actions. All enquiries should in the first instance be made to Maria Taylor.

*This article is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or any other professional advice.