Legal & Financial Clinic

28th Sep 2017

It is never too early to start planning for later life - none of us really know what lies ahead and ensuring your affairs are in order is an important step towards a stress-free future.

You may be reaching a stage in life when you are having to make decisions about where and how you wish to live or you may have elderly parents and relatives who require help with their financial and legal affairs. It does not matter which of these scenarios you are experiencing or expect to experience in the future, but it is important to get expert help and guidance when you start to make decisions.

Both television and newspapers regularly feature stories concerning the changing age demographics in the United Kingdom – the number of people over eighty will double in the next twenty years to over six million. This information underlines the need to review your circumstances on a regular basis to ensure that you are not caught unaware as you or your relatives get older.

To help and support people plan clearly for the future Barbara Pond from Rogers & Norton Solicitors in association with Sue Hodge from Pearson’s Financial Consultants are offering a free twenty minute legal and financial clinic on Wednesday 1st November at our head office on Willow Lane Norwich, to discuss any queries or concerns you may have in relation to planning for later life.

If you wish to book an appointment you can call Barbara Pond on 01603 675616 or email