Making Amends

6th Oct 2016

Whilst no one wishes to suffer the misfortune of being injured in an accident, accidents do sometimes happen. It is a misconception to assume that an accident always implies fault but there are occasions where an individual has suffered significant injuries as a result of an event which can be attributed to an act or omission.

Clinical Negligence

Whilst it is hoped that the reader of this article may never have occasion to reflect on the advice given below, I have set out some useful pointers to bear in mind in the immediate aftermath of an accident which will often make the investigation and pursuit of a claim much easier.

The most practical advice is to stay as calm as possible and dependent upon the severity of the injuries ensure that the relevant authorities are involved and that where necessary immediate medical attention is sought. From a practical perspective the following issues should be considered:

Record the details

If a road traffic collision then record the name, address and registration number of any other vehicles and the insurance details if these are available. If the accident is at work ensure it is recorded in the accident book, and if a public place, such as a shop or restaurant again ensure the accident is recorded. Note witness names, addresses and telephone numbers.

Photographs are very helpful

A modern smart phone is a fantastic tool in that most of us carry our phones with us and can obtain some immediate photographs which will assist when explaining the accident circumstances and can often make what may be a particularly complicated road junction or work procedure (such as the operation of machinery) that much easier to explain.

Medical attention

Your health and wellbeing are paramount and appropriate medical attention should be obtained. Whilst important in terms of your recovery, it will also assist verifying the injuries are caused by the accident.


A Code of Best Practice for Rehabilitation exists and this requires the parties to consider as early as possible what are the immediate needs of the injured person. It is often possible to agree with an insurer for them to fund early rehabilitation, even if liability has not been accepted.

At Rogers & Norton we have a team of experienced lawyers handling Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence claims and act to ensure justice for the injured victims.

We offer as a matter of course a free initial meeting at the client’s home, workplace or other convenient location and are happy to consider instruction on a no win no fee basis and will discuss all available options for funding your claim.

Mark Hambling
Solicitor and joint head of Rogers & Norton’s Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Department and Accredited Senior Litigator with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

Mark can be contacted on 01603 675637 or email