Declaration of Trust

Rogers & Norton can help you draw up a Declaration of Trust, this will agree the proportions in which you own a property and the rights and responsibilities you have in relation to it. A Declaration of Trust will help to avoid problems in the future, if one of the parties dies, there is a dispute, or when the property is sold.

Declaration of Trust

For a fixed fee of £75.00 you can spend up to an hour with one of our matrimonial Solicitors to discuss the potential benefits of having a declaration of trust and the implications of how marriage or cohabitation will affect your shares and rights in the property should your circumstances change in the future, or if you want to secure your stake in the property.

Declarations of Trust are essential when:

  • Acquiring a home or other property with someone else, particularly with someone other than your spouse
  • Your capital contributions are unequal
  • When you are not married or in a civil partnership
  • Contributing to the purchase or improvement of a property in somebody else’s name

An accurately and correctly drawn Declaration of Trust can also help to avoid any issues you may have with Capital Gains Tax in future, if you are investing in property with others.

Declaration of Trust Packages

We offer two packages to suit your budget and requirements.


    • Letter of engagement
    • Draft Deed
    • Deed and accompanying letter of advice
    • Meeting to sign Deed with a Solicitor
    • Letter enclosing copy Deed
    £250.00 plus VAT

    • Letter of engagement
    • Meeting to obtain information and advise on Deed creation
    • Drafting of bespoke Deed – clauses on cohabitation, sale, improvements, mortgage payment, re-mortgage etc.
    • Draft Deed and Letter of Advice
    • Redrafts if necessary
    • Meeting to sign Deed with a Solicitor
    • Letter enclosing copy Deed
    £500.00 plus VAT*

* estimate only and can be higher

Cohabitation Agreement

This agreement is a much more detailed document than a Declaration of Trust and can govern how the property is occupied, paid for and disposed of in the future. It can also include arrangements in the event that separation occurs after the birth of any children, who have a significant impact on occupation and sale of the family home.

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