Prison and Courts Services Bill Scrapped

20th Apr 2017

The leader of the House of Commons has made an announcement that The Prisons and Courts Bill has been scrapped, as parliament seeks to conclude as much business in advance of being dissolved before the general election, on the 8th June 2017. It was felt that the bill still had too far to travel through parliament to be dealt with before it is dissolved.

The bill, which includes radical reforms to the personal injury system, as well as the Prison service, has been the subject of much attack and challenge as it has made its way through the various stages of parliament, but will now proceed no further.

The effect is that the radical reforms to personal injury claims for the innocent victims of whiplash injuries in road traffic accidents and the banning of pre medical offers made by many insurers, will proceed no further and not become law.

The legislation may be resurrected by a new parliament, but this will of course depend on the outcome of the election, and in particular who becomes the Lord Chancellor. It will also require a recommencement of the process through parliament.

As to whether this is a stay of the effects of the legislation to victims of Personal Injuries, or the end completely, will no doubt depend on the outcome on 8th June 2017.

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