Rogers and Norton’s HMRC and Border Revenue team have enjoyed more success

23rd May 2016

The team have successfully secured the restoration of pharmaceutical products which had been seized. The seizure was challenged and the refusal to restore was reviewed.

Alcohol and Tobacco

Peter Hastings adds “We had to act quickly as our client had orders to fulfil and products needed to be shipped abroad. We submitted that there were no grounds to seize the goods. No grounds had been disclosed on the seizure notice. Our client had all required licences in place. Border Force subsequently agreed for the products to be restored”.

We continue to receive instructions from clients throughout the UK and the World, ranging from issues of the correct coding for import duty, detentions and seizures, condemnation proceedings and Appeals to the First Tier Tax Tribunal. In recent months, we have also acted and advised on Judicial Review proceedings against HMRC and appeared in the Court of Appeal, in addition to dealing with notices issued under Paragraph 4 (2) a of Schedule 11 to the Value Added Tax Act.

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