Rosewood Rumbles On

18th Sep 2017

We are continuing to receive multiple instructions from worried traders, regarding the importation of musical instruments containing rosewood and ivory.

Some months ago the team received an enquiry from a potential client, who had been recommended due to our considerable experience and expertise in dealing with HMRC and Border Force.

From that single enquiry, I was shocked to discover that many people in the music industry were being seriously affected by the restrictions being applied to the importation of goods containing rosewood and ivory, after a ruling by the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Wild Fauna & Flora (CITES).

Rogers and Norton are now the legal firm recommended by the Music Industry Association on their website, as the acknowledged experts who can help and support their members who have had goods impounded by Border Force.

I was really surprised when I researched the client’s problem, that there were so many people whose livelihoods were being impacted by the new legislation.

As an ex musician myself I find it concerning that there was so much disruption and that so much valuable stock had been seized.