The start of a new year leads to many of us looking at how we can prepare for the year ahead and beyond

11th Jan 2022

When thinking about the future we often assume that by having a Will we have planned for the future and our family, however what is often overlooked is the possibility of being unable to manage our personal affairs during our lifetime.

If sadly you do become unable to manage your affairs, your spouse/partner or family are not automatically able to deal with your affairs. A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that enables you to choose attorneys who would be able to deal with your affairs should you become unable to do so.

Your attorneys are chosen by you and are able to assist you with your Property and Financial Affairs and your Health and Care decisions.

In regards to your Property and Financial Affairs your attorneys can assist you with:

  • Managing your bills;
  • Claiming any benefits you may be entitled to;
  • Selling your property.

In relation to Health and Care decisions should you be unable to make these decisions your attorneys can decide on:

  • Your daily routine;
  • Your medical care and ensure you receive the care you need;
  • Whether you need to move into residential care;
  • Any life sustaining treatment.

It is important to consider Lasting Powers of Attorney whilst you have mental capacity as it important you understand the documents and are comfortable with your choice of attorneys.

Lasting Powers of Attorney can only be used once registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. Putting in place Lasting Powers of Attorney does not restrict your decision making whilst you are able to make those decisions.

Having Lasting Powers of Attorney in place is sensible forward thinking and planning as it ensures that there will be someone you trust there to help you should you become unable to deal with your affairs.

During this time of fresh starts and getting your affairs into order, consider ensuring you are protected for the future should there come a time that you are unable to do so.

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