More success for the litigation team

11th May 2018

We were approached by one of our major clients, after they became aware that a website for a rival company was using graphical assets and written content copied and taken directly from their website.

Litigation and Disputes

This included company branding, images and icons.

Our client had used both internal and external resources to create the website, contents and images, so owned the copyright.

Obviously this could have a seriously detrimental effect on our client’s image, so we had to act quickly and decisively to protect their good name. On contacting the offending company we pointed out that they had not been licensed or authorised to reproduce the contents, so it was a clear infringement of our client’s copyright.

They offered an immediate apology, blaming their web designers for the issue and provided a written undertaking to alter their website.

With the proliferation of websites of all shapes, sizes and quality available on the internet the breach of intellectual property rights will often be an issue. We concluded this matter within a week of instructions.

Speed of action to address problems like this is vital to ensure a company protects their image together with clarifying any confusion that may occur with the offending website. Simply blaming the web designer is not an excuse – if it is your website it is your responsibility.

If you have any problems or concerns that your intellectual property rights may have been infringed then you can contact me at or on 01603 675639.