More success for our Personal Injury Team

18th Dec 2018

We were delighted to be able to help a client recently, who had been injured in somewhat unusual circumstances – when a passenger on a local bus. Whilst on the journey, a collision occurred causing the bus to mount a grass verge and throw the client upwards. A window then imploded, leaving our client with a temporary hearing impairment/tinnitus, together with back and hip injuries.

Clinical Negligence

Whilst there was no issue regarding liability, there were complications in relation to demonstrating a link between the collision and the injuries sustained, because of pre-existing complaints in respect of hearing and the hip.

Medical evidence obtained by the insurers prior to our involvement proved to be inconclusive. Further investigation highlighted questions concerning the extent to which new injuries had been caused by the collision, rather than pre-existing injuries having been exacerbated in terms of symptoms.

Further complications arose due to our client being unable to return to her pre-accident job and review of the medical history identified numerous medical entries many of them pre-dating the accident but still recent. Accordingly it was accepted that the best approach was to leave the medical position vague leaving us to negotiate the best possible terms in circumstances where further medical investigation may well have demonstrated that ongoing problems were not accident related.

We were very pleased to be able to negotiate a level of settlement which might not otherwise have been achieved had the medical evidence been investigated more closely.

It was important that we explained the complexities of the case to the client. We also had to demonstrate how we were going to achieve the best possible outcome for her. Our client was delighted with the result and commented on how supportive and compassionate we were throughout the process. She was pleased with our ability to explain things clearly, enabling her to have a full understanding of the intricacies of the case, meaning she was extremely satisfied with the help she received.

It is vital to interpret the evidence and address the challenging issues that clients face on such complicated claims so they have an understanding of why they are making the decisions that they are. It is necessary not to lose sight of the fact that the client may never have been in the situation before, so is unfamiliar with the issues that need to be addressed.

Our client had initially tried to deal with the claim herself, but had realised that it was appreciably more complex than she first thought and needed an expert to advise and support her.

We offer a bespoke service to each of our clients and understand that every accident and personal injury claim is different. We tailor the support we give on an individual basis, so we were delighted when the client praised us for our professionalism and communication together with our exceptional knowledge.

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