More success for Rogers and Norton’s litigation team

17th Feb 2016

Rogers and Norton’s litigation team have successfully secured an agreement for HMRC not to pursue notices issued under Paragraph 4 (2) a of Schedule 11 to the Value Added Tax Act 1994.

Debt Recovery

Peter Hastings comments “Notices were issued seeking security of £140,000 in relation to VAT, PAYE and NICS. We lodged an appeal to the First Tier Tax Tribunal for our client in which we challenged HMRC’s figures for VAT and also raised a number of novel legal arguments. HMRC has confirmed no further action will be taken on these notices and therefore the Appeal has been successful. As reported before, we have seen an increase in such notices being issued by HMRC, which are issued by HMRC if they consider that there is a risk to the Revenue. Non-compliance can also lead to prosecution and it is essential that a company and its officers who are served with such notices seek our advice immediately. This is another success that we have achieved, and which is excellent news for our client.”