Trademark and passing off infringement?

22nd Jun 2018

Our specialist litigation team recently secured a High Court injunction against a company for both a trade mark and passing off infringement, based on the 1994 Trade Mark Act.

Litigation and Disputes

Our client wanted to restrain the offending company from using both a logo and a name that would cause considerable confusion to any existing or prospective customers. As a long standing and established nationwide company with an excellent reputation, they were obviously very concerned with the damage that may be caused by any misunderstanding that may occur.

The company involved had only recently been established and the logo and trading name was obviously designed to mirror our client’s business to gain an enhanced reputation.

The case really reflects the strengths of our litigation team, in that we had to act swiftly to support our client and in doing so collated all evidence urgently. Any delays would reflect poorly on the application as it could show a lack desire to remedy the issue, thus lessening the impact on our client’s business.

With this type of case it is vital to act quickly and decisively to support the client and we acted with a real tenacity to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

If you believe that you or your company is a victim of trademark infringement or passing off then you can contact the litigation team on or on 01603 675639.