Vehicle detained by Border Force

20th Apr 2017

Yet again a rapid and decisive response from the Commercial Litigation team has helped support a client in a very difficult situation. Peter Hastings explained “I received instructions on a Thursday evening from a company whose vehicle had been impounded by UK Border Force and would only be released on immediate payment of over £20,000.

After taking instructions from our client we established that the vehicle had been detained at the Port of Dover due to an outstanding penalty relating to illegal migrants allegedly found on another company vehicle. Our client was obviously concerned about the impact on his business and was concerned about having to make such a large payment immediately – failure to do so would mean the charges would escalate on a daily basis and without a lorry, the business was at risk.

By Monday we had agreed with Border Force for the vehicle to be released on payment of a much reduced sum of payable over 12 months, much to our client’s relief and satisfaction. In doing so, we had saved not only considerable sums, we had preserved our client’s business”

The client was helped by Peter’s depth of knowledge and experience when dealing with UK Border Force. It’s important to assess the situation quickly and then make credible and decisive proposals based on the understanding of how they work and what they are trying to achieve. By doing this we saved our client a substantial sum of money and ensure our client’s business could trade.

If you have any problems or issues relating to UK Border Force contact Peter at or on 01603 675639.