Cycling Accident Injury Claim

When cyclists are involved in accidents, injuries can range from cuts and bruises to broken bones, as well as serious head and spinal trauma. Sadly in some cases, accidents can also result in fatalities.

Cycling Accident Injury Claim

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Cyclists are vulnerable road users, and sometimes no amount of safety precautions can account for a reckless driver, poor road surface conditions, or faulty equipment.

The number of cyclists on Britain’s roads has grown significantly in recent years. Research has shown that 43% of the population now either own a bike or have access to one.

Cycling accidents have risen broadly in line with the number of cyclists. According to figures supplied by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) 18,477 people were injured in bicycle accidents that were reported to the police in the UK in 2016. Of these, over 3,000 people were seriously injured. A further 102 people were killed.

Many cycling casualties are not reported to the police, even when the cyclist is inured badly enough to be taken to hospital. There could be two or three times as many seriously injured cyclists and double the number of slightly injured, than the statistics reflect.

If you have been injured in a cycling accident, you could be entitled to claim cycle injury compensation if:

  • The accident was caused by the actions of another road user
  • The road or cycle lane was in poor condition
  • Your injury was due to equipment failure, whether the bicycle or the helmet

If you were injured in other circumstances you may still be able to make an injury claim, so please contact us for expert advice.

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