Slipping & Tripping

The Law of Negligence is supplemented by Case Law and Statutory Authorities which provide a duty of care upon owners and occupiers of premises to ensure that they are safe

There are many places, lawfully visited each year, where it is the duty of the owner and/or occupier – this includes private individuals, companies, businesses and local authorities – to ensure that the premises are safe and free from hazards which may cause slips and trips. Local authorities In particular are under duty to ensure that pavements and public highways are in a safe condition for public use.

Injuries as a result of slips and trips can sometimes be relatively minor injuries such as sprains and bruising, but can equally be much more severe involving broken limbs and significant soft tissue injuries causing severe ongoing symptoms.

Successful personal injury claims arising from slips and trips will always give rise to an award for pain and suffering and will often include medication costs, loss of earnings, treatment costs, care and assistance and travel expenses to name but a few.

Rogers & Norton have undertaken personal injury claims on behalf of many victims of slips and trips on premises such as:

  • Pathways on public land
  • Pathways on private land
  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping centres
  • Shops
  • Public houses
  • Nightclubs

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