Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim

Anyone who takes a motorcycle out on the road is a high risk road user. A motorcyclist is more likely to develop serious injuries than a car driver, following a collision. In 2/3 of collisions between cars and motorcycles car drivers are at fault.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, our expert solicitors can help you claim motorbike accident compensation to cover the cost of medical treatment and repairs.

A motorcycle accident can result in injuries that have a lasting impact on your life, and the lives of your loved ones. Our personal injury team is experienced in helping bikers get the compensation they need to overcome the pain and trauma of a crash. They have the skill and expertise to guide victims through the complex claims process, whilst offering immediate and ongoing support on a one.

You typically have a time limit of three years to file a claim for compensation, starting from when the motorcycle accident first took place. Our specialist team of personal injury lawyers will work with you to establish the circumstances of your claim. They will focus on securing a settlement which reflects the impact the injury has had on your life.

We offer one to one bespoke support to clients throughout the claim. Our role is more than just obtaining a sum of money – we also assist with such things as organising rehabilitation and care, assisting with arrangements for the replacement or repair of your motorcycle and equipment, or obtaining interim payments as your claim progresses which will cover any loss of earnings if you are unable to work.

The most common types of accidents involving motorcyclists we see are:

  • Road traffic accident involving other motorists
  • Filtering accidents
  • Accidents at junctions and roundabout
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Accidents caused by defective motorcycle equipment
  • Accidents caused by defective road surfaces such as potholes.

Our talented and knowledgeable team have experience dealing with a wide range of motorcycle accidents and injuries incurred as a result (from soft tissue injuries to traumatic brain injuries).

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